Anti Semite, Joachim Martillo

imageMartillo as he usually looks when not wearing off the rack suits on PressTV.



These days Joachim Martillo sells himself as the son of a Sicilian mother and a wealthy Ashkenazi Jewish father. This fictitious lineage serves him well since he is able to portray himself as an “insider” when it comes to issues relating to Jews while at the same time denying any real Jewishness owing to Judaism’s rule of matrilineal descent. This has only been the story told for the last decade though. Prior to this “incarnation” Martillo was an American-born Palestinian of the al Ajami Clan. When a detractor would dare to say anything slightly negative about Martillo’s blatant Jew Hatred he would launch into a tirade about how a great-uncle had been a great friend and ally to the Zionists only to wind up lynched at the hands of a bloodthirsty mob of Zionists in the 1948 War (alternatively he had been lynched by fellow Palestinians depending upon the point Martillo was trying to nail).

Before he became a “Palestinian American” Martillo had been Sephardi and Mizrachi Jew whose maternal lineage was centered in the caves of Libya’s Djebel Ghani in the southern portion of that nation. Most interesting of all though was Martillo’s first guise. In 1980 then-24 year old Martillo was pretending to be Mizrachi “Settler” in Israel’s so called “West Bank.” Martillo is not even Jewish, let alone ever even been to Israel, let alone the territory in question.

Martillo’s shtick is cyber-psychodrama. Back on Usenet, the precursor to today’s internet, and the even older Listserve, Martillo would ┬ádeliberately antagonise selected groups in what we now call “Trolling.” An example would be his appearance in threads in Pakistani-focused discussions. Martillo would portray himself as a Hindu radical and try to get as far as possible underneath a Pakistani’s skin. Years later he would do the same with Serbians while claiming to be a Bosniak or Kosavar. Usually though, he would be a dyed in the wool American Neoconservative who would belittle all posters from the Third World with racist diatribes about Footbinding in China and immolation of widows in India.

In all his many personas Joachim Martillo has claimed to be a graduate of Harvard University, or more often as having graduated from Yale and MIT in addition to Harvard. In real life- yes that dreaded outer ring of hell, “reality”- Martillo barely graduated his highschool, Pingry, in Short Hills, not far from his childhood home in Kenilworth, New Jersey. After scraping by with that highschool diploma Martillo managed to finish two years worth of credits at New York University (NYU), reading electrical theory and computer science.

Though far short of the necessary 4 years Martillo never the less managed to snag an appointment with subsidiary of Prime, a pc manufacturer cum telecom firm in Massachusetts. Sadly for Martillo this job barely lasted a year. He displayed worrying signs. For example, after apparently not bathing for months he was referred to a psychiatrist only to blow it off and with it his “career” with Prime…

To be continued…




Arab Slavery of Africans Part I

“Slave Market in Zadib” is an illustration by Yahya ibn Mahmoud al Wasiti created circa 1236 CE for the classic “Maqamat al Hariri” (Assemblies of Hariri) written by Abu Muhammad al Qasim ibn ‘Ali al Harir in 1111 CE in Basra, in today’s Iraq. Referencewise this is from the French National Library, as “Manuscript #5847, Folio #105.” Zadib was then the capital of Yemen, an honour it held until the 15th Century CE.

Amongst Westerners there is widespread belief that the Trans-Atlantic Slavetrade is the here all and end all catastrophe of Africa and its Peoples. Sadly very few Westerners are aware that there is a much more nefarious facet of the African Slavetrade that predates that of the Trans-Atlantic by thousands of yesrs. Worse yet, it is alive and well and Africans are still being captured and traded as a human commodity. I am referring of course to the Arab Slavetrade of Africans.

While just about everyone of the world’s 21 Arab nations has a current law banning this reprehensible practice the sad truth of it is that not one of those 21 nations cares enough to enforce such a law. Like laws banning Honour Killings, statutes ostensibly in place to protect Africans and those of African descent merely serve as windowdressing. They are meant to shut critical mouths and deflect critical eyes.

A contributing factor in sustaining this perfidy is the deep seated racial prejudice against black people in Arab societies. Apologists will often introduce Islam into any critical discussion. They will almost always discuss how Islam has served to unite disparate facets in a given society. They will tell you how Muhammad named Bilal, a man of Ethiopian descent, to become Islam’s first Muezzin, the man who chants al Adha, the Islamic Call to Prayer that is recited 5 times a day in mosques all over the world. Usually they fail to include the fact that Bilal was a slave. It is true that Islam records his manumission but this was owing to his prowess in battle, not because Muhammad and his followers saw anything wrong with slavery. Other Apologists will claim that unlike the Trans-Atlantic Slavetrade the Arab Slavetrade did not focus solely on blacks. This is merely meant to throw off any criticism by muddying the intellectual waters. The West did not only enslave Africans. Native Americans, Chinese and even fellow Europeans were also enslaved and yet it was the Africans who bore the brunt of inequities generated by Western Slavery. Yes, Arabs and other Islamic societies DID enslave and otherwise trade in non-Africans as well. That said, just as in the West, Arab and Islamicised societies predominantly dealt with African slaves (and those descended from Africans).

In this series I will focus on how this dynamic plays out in various Arab and Islamic nations on an individual basis. This will allow a more comprehensive coverage.



Mission Statement

  • Defined simply Zionism is the endeavour of the Jewish People to re-establish their sovereignity upon their indigenous homeland, and the realisation of this endeavour in the form of Israel.

Like so many voices yearning to be heard these days I turned to Social Media, specifically Facebook. Under my personal name, Rachamim Slonim Dwek, I attracted a small but very loyal following. However I refused to bow to the cancer of Political Correctness and so it became a struggle to stay one step ahead of the site’s PC-obssessed Standards bot. After the fifth terminated account I decided that if I wanted to be heard that I would have to establish myself elsewhere. This blog will be my first babystep in that direction.

With this blog I intend to cover everything from Zionist Theory anf History to all subjects related to Israel, the sum result of Zionism.

As for myself, I am a 49-year old Israeli Jew. Born and bred in Jerusalem I moved to Sussiya in the early-1990s. I am an alumnus of Merkaz HaRav in Jerusalem, specifically its now defunct Command Boarding School. In 1983 I entered the IDF at age 16. Even today most Israelis are unaware that the IDF inducts some personnel at that young age, though today it only does so in C41 and AMAN, specifically Unit #8200. In my day Tzanchanim and Infantry did so as well with those in Command Boarding Schools.

I was drafted into Tzanchanim Brigade’s 50th Battalion and right after induction was grandfathered into the newly re-established NACHAL Brigade, as the 50th Battalion became the nucleus of that reformed brigade. I retired in 2013 after 30 years with the rank of Major though at times I had been brevetted as a Lieutenant Colonel in various commands.

Immediately after laying down my uniform I began my current position, still within Israel’s security and defence echelon.

Like all senior officers in the IDF I was compelled to earn a university degree, in my case Ethnobotany from the Technicon in Hafia. However I have never worked in that field. If anyone has any questions concerning anything written here please feel free to ask.